Home Business Interest rate increases and fiddling with official figures: Madelon Praat

Interest rate increases and fiddling with official figures: Madelon Praat

Interest rate increases and fiddling with official figures: Madelon Praat

In this new episode of Madelon Praat, Madelon Vos discusses the recent decisions of the European Central Bank (ECB) and Statistics Netherlands (CBS). In their opinion, the published figures are manipulated, which gives a very distorted picture.

Distorted numbers and sharp interest rate increases

In the video she talks about a variety of topics, including confusing numbers, inflation and the ECB’s policy decisions. She explains how the ECB raised interest rates for the tenth time in a row. This value is now at a historically high level of four percent.

This is the highest interest rate since the founding of the European Central Bank. The increase was expected and deemed necessary due to high inflation. She emphasizes that the ECB now more than ever assumes that inflation will reach the two percent target again.

Statistics Netherlands recently announced that the purchasing power of the Dutch population as a whole will fall by 1.2% in 2022. It is the largest decline in purchasing power in 40 years. And this despite the fact that income increased by an average of 5.5%. The estimated inflation rate of 6.8% does not correspond to previous values, which were significantly higher. This raises questions about the fairness and accuracy of the measurements.

Of course, crypto news will also be discussed again. Finally, she shares her opinion on Bitcoin price with a technical analysis!

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