Intel will not reduce the performance of its Arc graphics cards to deter crypto-miners

Intel refuses to reduce the performance of its future Arc graphics cards to deter cryptocurrency miners from using them. Unlike Nvidia, the semiconductor giant will not apply restrictions to its GPUs to avoid repeated stockouts. Mirroring AMD, Intel nevertheless ensures that players remain its priority.

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The graphics card market continues to suffer from the shortage. The greed of cryptocurrency miners, who account for up to 25% of global GPU production, has clearly contributed to the worsening of the situation. The high demand caused a colossal increase in the price of components.

To stem the shortage, Nvidia has taken the decision to limit the hashrate (the hash rate) on the graphics cards most popular with crypto-miners. Concretely, the founder restricts the performance of its GPUs for the mining of digital currencies. Unfortunately, some software allows minors to bypass Nvidia’s restrictions. At the same time, Nvidia has therefore launched a range of graphics cards exclusively dedicated to mining.

Intel and AMD refuse to restrict their graphics cards

Newly arrived in the GPU market, Intel refuses to apply limitations to the performance of its graphics cards to deter minors from buying them. Asked by our colleagues at Gadgets360, Roger Chandler, vice president and general manager of graphics cards at Intel, ensures that restrictions preventing mining are not on the agenda.

“When it comes to software locks and things of that nature, we do not design this product or build features at this point specifically targeting minors”, says Roger Chandler. Intel is based on the position adopted by AMD, Nvidia’s rival. Lisa Su’s firm refuses to apply restrictions against cryptocurrency mining. But, like Intel, AMD says gamers remain its top priority.

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“In terms of the steps we’re taking to lock them down, this is a product that will be on the market and people will be able to buy it. The rest is not a priority for us ” continues the frame. As a reminder, the Arc, the first graphics cards from Intel, will be available on the market from the second half of next year.

Source: Gadgets360

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