Intel launches app that lets you control your iPhone or Android on your PC

Intel has introduced an extremely useful new tool for anyone who has an iPhone or Android and a Windows 11 computer. I’m talking about Unison, an app that allows remote control of your smartphone.

This app is, as you can imagine, a direct rival to Microsoft’s Phone Link. The premise of both is the same, although Intel gains an advantage by being easier to use and is also compatible with iOS.


Unison is the application that allows you to control your smartphone from a Windows 11 PC

Are you tired of always leaving your computer when you receive a call or a message on your smartphone? An excellent solution to this nuisance is Intel’s new application, Unison.

Through Unison, Windows 11 users will be able to make calls, reply/send messages, and check notifications from their Android smartphone or iPhone right on their PC. Also, it will be easy to transfer any files between these devices.


For those who have already tried the Phone Link app, these features will not be foreign to them. The advantage of Unison is that it promises to be simpler and more intuitive to make this bridge between the computer and the smartphone.

What you need to use Unison

Unfortunately, Unison still has some limitations that may prevent some users from using it. According to Intel, it will only work on Evo laptops, but you can check the list of all supported models here.


Despite this being the official information, various sources indicate that it is possible to install Unison on computers with other processors. That is, the best thing is that you try to see if you can install this application, available through the Microsoft Store, on your Windows 11 PC.

If you manage to do so, you’ll also need to install the Unison app on your smartphone, available from the respective app stores. From there, you must accept all the permissions requested and make the connection between the two platforms using the QR code that is displayed on your computer screen.

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Once these steps have been completed, a bridge is established between your Windows laptop and your smartphone. I think it will be a very useful tool for all users.

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