Insua tried to "coward" to Tinelli

The fight between the coach of San Lorenzo, Rubén Darío Insúa, and the former president of the club Marcelo Tinelli does not seem to have a return. After the weekend incident, when the technician came across some plateistas and urged them to make the claims to the television businessman, now the DT explained the reasons for his anger and called the now former leader a “cowardly”, who sent him a document letter for his words on Sunday.

In a press conference on the club’s beach, Insúa delved into the controversy that was installed last Sunday after the viralization of a video in which he insulted and accused Tinelli of being a thief in the middle of an interdict with some fans from the stalls. In his story, the DT separated the club from his “personal problem” with Tinelli, whom he called a “coward” for a fact that involved his family in the past.

In the first place, Insúa wanted to separate the club from the “personal problem, fight or whatever they want to call it” that they have with the former president of the Cyclone. “Here, San Lorenzo has nothing to do with it. It’s a problem between two individuals,” insisted the former midfielder in several sections of the press conference in which he confirmed that he received the court summons for mediation with Tinelli, who initiated legal action. hours after the broadcast of the video in which Insúa accuses him of “stealing everything” from the club.

During his presentation, Insúa did not name Tinelli at any time and always treated him as “this person” or as the “former president” who was “permanently on leave.”

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“He doesn’t want to have any relationship with that person. I don’t have a good opinion of him as an individual. I think it’s cowardly when you solve a personal problem and hurt a son,” said Insúa, who made it clear that his fight with Tinelli went because when he was in the leadership he released Robertino and Rodrigo, Insúa’s soccer sons, due to a personal grudge. “He did not have the courage to resolve it with me. When there is a conflict, it must be resolved between adults,” he remarked.

The DT also expressed his discomfort at the way in which that video was broadcast, since it was a filming from a cell phone and without his consent. “When I want to give my opinions, I take care of making them public and I choose the place and the time. I never gave an opinion about his role in the (Professional) League or at the hunger table,” said Insúa, who left a door open to a possible dialogue with Tinelli but stressed that they “always” will be “on opposite sides”.

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