The administrative mess that has been generated inside the Galician club would benefit the Betis team

What is happening in the Celtic RC at an institutional and administrative level, it could end with the departure of the midfielder Denis Suarez, and his destiny would be Betis. Apparently the discomfort that is being experienced in the Celtic campus would have been due to the case of the Celtic promise Bryan Bugarin. Let us remember that he is now part of Real Madrid.

The agency that represents the boy is Intermedia Sport Player, the same firm that is in charge of representing young people like Gabriel Veiga or Miguel Rodriguez. In the case of the first team, he is in charge of Iago Aspas and Denis Suarez. In more specific words, Carlos Mouriño, Celtic sports director, wants to end the link between the Celtic institution and the representation agency for the bad behavior of Intermedia.

Denis Suarez Betis
Denis Suárez has shares in Intermedia Intermedia Sport Player, and for this reason he prefers to leave Celta than the agency.

Denis Suárez will not change agency and Celta enlists him in his outbox bound for Betis

Celta’s sports management was clear, “those players who are part of Intermedia Sport Player will have to change agencies or they will leave.” All have complied with the orders and have joined other firms. However, there is one who ignored it since he has shares in said agency. That is Denis Suarez.

In this way, the Celtic club at the head of its president, has given the order to the sports management to start managing the departure of Pontevedra. The one who is closest to signing him is Betis, who has followed him for several seasons. Now that they have put it on a silver platter, Antonio Cordón moves with a ready offer.

Pellegrini modifies the tactical scheme of Betis to include Denis Suárez

The attacking midfielder has already realized that his stay in Vigo is over, and that the best thing for his own interests is to get out of there. Salceda de Caselas was part of that batch of important players for Chacho Coudet. However, the Argentine coach must abide by the orders of the presidency and dispense with the creative midfielder.


In Seville they are already waiting for him with open arms, and even the Chilean coach has already thought about how the player could fit into his plans. Although Betis has 3 players in the same demarcation as Suárez, with Fekir being the owner of the position, the player from Pontevedra is a great complement that any team would like to have at the coach’s disposal.