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“Instead of replying to Adani, Modi made insulting remarks about me being ‘Gandhi'”

‘India is in danger, divided into two parts’

Wayanad: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has said that instead of responding to Adani, Modi made derogatory remarks about me being a ‘Gandhi’.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a public meeting, said that when he asked Prime Minister Modi about his alliance with Adani, he did not answer, but started talking about my surname (Gandhi). .

MP from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi while addressing a public meeting in his parliamentary constituency said that Prime Minister Modi describes himself as the most powerful, whom everyone should fear but it does not mean that he is the Prime Minister or all the government officials. The agencies are with them, because the truth is not with them. One day they will have to face the truth.

While asking a question, he said that Modi’s remarks on surname directly insulted me, it was not removed from the Lok Sabha proceedings.

He said that the Prime Minister of the country directly insulted me but his words were not off the record, but I don’t care because the truth always comes out.

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