Instagram shares Generation Z trends for 2024

Instagram introduced Instagram Trend Talk 2024, Generation Z’s take on the trends that will shape global culture in the coming year. 2023 has been a memorable year in social media, from Barbie turning the world pink to the rise of “girl food.”

Instagram’s Trend Talk, hosted in collaboration with WGSN, shares the results of an extensive survey Survey analyzing Gen Z trends in the US, UK, Brazil, India and South Korea. The survey asked about topics, issues and trends important to Generation Z and identified what they can expect to see on the platform in 2024 – from fashion, beauty, social media, dating, friendships and more.

Key findings from the report include:

fashion and beauty

  • The Generation Z is focused on sustainable fashion goals in 2024. They are less likely to buy new clothes, repeat outfits and shop locally. The top 5 sustainable fashion practices we will see from Generation Z next year include:
    • #1 Buy less new clothes
    • #2 repeat sentences
    • #3 Shop locally
    • #4 Second hand and/or second hand shopping online or in real life
  • The top 5 fashion trends in 2024 worldwide:
    • #1 Dress modestly
    • #2 Savings, vintage, heirloom
    • #3 Repeat outfits to be more sustainable
    • #4 Wearing clothes in unexpected ways
    • #5 Do it yourself
  • The Fashion and beauty are about individualityand nearly a third of Generation Z say they want to be more creative in the way they dress, closely followed by finding their signature scent and their own “core” aesthetic.
  • As they identify their “core aesthetic,” Generation Z will look to fill their closets with clothes they feel comfortable in. The people of The countries surveyed agree that they want to express that they feel good through their clothing choices.
  • Gen Z respondents noticed this “A new hairstyle” was their favorite beauty tip they learned on social mediafollowed by skin care.
  • Plucked eyebrows are trendyand Generation Z labels this beauty trend as one they would like to see fade into the past.
  • Scent creators are on the riseas more than a quarter of Generation Z plan to express themselves by discovering a signature scent in 2024.

Social media

  • Generation Z wants to prioritize meaningful connections in 2024 Generation plans to use social media to keep up with their friends and family. A close second was awareness of trends (fashion, music, technology).
  • When asked how they use Instagram to approach someone, the best ways were: Like someone’s story, send Reels or memes in direct messages and like a post in your feed.
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Dating and friendship

  • Generation Z is single as ever: 63% of respondents stated their marital status as such. They may not try to change that anytime soon, and their top relationship priority for 2024 will be to “strengthen my current relationships.”
  • After meeting someone new, 28% of Generation Z take the first step by exchanging Instagram handles instead of phone numbers.
  • “Chewing with an open mouth” was the main characteristic in all countries surveyed. The 5 best Icks of all countries examined:
    • #1 Chew with your mouth open
    • #2 Bad sense of humor or poor taste in memes
    • #3 Dirty nails
    • #4 Use a baby voice
    • #5 Follow your ex on IG
  • Some of the most popular ways Generation Z flirts with their Instagram crush include liking someone’s story, including someone in their story or photo, or adding someone to their close friends list.
  • When asked what they value most about their friends, the most common answer in the regions surveyed was: “I can tell them anything,” followed by “They understand me better than anyone else.”


  • The next year will be defined as the Generation Z growth era, and many will focus on self-improvement and development in the coming year. Generation Z’s best times for 2024:
    • #1 Personal improvement or development
    • #2 Lucky me
    • #3 Without apologizing
  • Generation Z is a generation of entrepreneurs and One in three say the best way to achieve wealth is through some form of self-employment.
  • Gen Z’s top three priorities for 2024 are staying healthy (exercising regularly, eating healthy, etc.), finding a career, and traveling.


  • Generation Z is interested in trying trendy foods and ingredients: 45% say they are interested in consuming vegan products and 42% say they are interested in trying plant-based meats.


  • Generation Z knows what it means to be part of a fan army, 75% of which belong to fandoms. The main fandoms worldwide relate to:
    • #1 TV Show/Anime
    • #2 Musician
    • #3 Video games
  • Most Gen Z members report that they have sent a direct message to a celebrity on Instagram and express that sending this direct message is the best way to show their support and appreciation.


In 2024, Generation Z will take action on the issues most important to them by “educating themselves/others,” “voting,” and “using social media to raise awareness.”

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