Instagram presents its 2023 trend report

Instagram presents its 2023 trend report

Now that we have left 2022 behind, it is time to meet what will be the trends and cultural movements that will inspire GenZ in 2023. For it, Instagram carried out a survey in collaboration with the company WGSN among 1,200 boys and girls between the ages of 16 and 24 to find out what matters most interest them.

The first thing was that they summarize their expectations for 2023 in one word. The most prominent responses were “Healing”, “Energizing” and “Protagonist”, which points to the optimism that GenZ members show for the coming year.

Recycle, Reuse, Rebuild

In 2023, Gen Z creatives plan to take fashion into their own hands. Sustainability is a key issue for Generation Z. As concerns about the climate increase, DIY clothing offers a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. In the study, more than half of Gen Z respondents said they plan to make their own clothes by 2023. Frugal and thrifty, Gen Z plans to cut back and get creative. Gen Z consumers are not immune to rising costs, and in 2023, more Gen Z consumers plan to save on their clothing. When asked what they would do when an item of clothing is out of budget, more than a quarter of Gen Z shoppers turn to secondhand.

taking action

In 2023, the majority of Gen Z will be shopping to support causes that matter to them. Gen Z is an activist generation. In 2023, more Gen Zers will use their money to support causes and communities. Gen Z voters believe the country needs more Gen Z politicians. Members of Gen Z hold strong political views. As more young Americans reach voting age, expect increased visibility and activism for the political issues Gen Z is passionate about. In 2022, Maxwell Frost became the first Gen Z politician elected to Congress from the United States. Disability advocacy is a top issue for Gen Z. Three out of four Gen Z social media users want to follow an influencer who has a disability. Expect more of the next generation to engage with creators who advocate for people with intellectual or physical disabilities.

Climate and expressive beauty

For Generation Z, makeup and beauty products are a form of self-expression. More Gen Z consumers are likely to wear makeup to express their personality rather than enhance their sense of beauty. Expect to see expressive and experimental makeup looks wherever they feel comfortable. The impacts of climate change are driving Gen Z shoppers to buy protective skin care and beauty products. 2 out of 3 shoppers plan to buy skin care or beauty products that protect them from extreme weather and the sun. Issues like increased air pollution and intense UV rays are driving searches for weather-proof products.

Alt takes the metaverse

Gen Z plans to build a more recognizable world. In the metaverse, Generation Z can build new worlds and they look forward to expressing their individuality and dedication to equity in digital spaces. For example, 67% of Gen Z users feel that avatars should better reflect various body types, clothing, and skin tones in the coming year. Virtual influencers offer real inspiration. More than half of Gen Z social media users plan to be inspired by fashion or beauty from digital avatars or influencers by 2023. For Gen Z, AI beauty and fashion continue to intrigue.

Cultural curiosity: Participatory Global Meals

Gen Z is exploring culture through the kitchen. 68% of Gen Z social media users will continue or would like to try food from another culture after discovering it online. Through creators and viral food content, Generation Z is using Instagram as a gateway to other food cultures.

Lastly, no less than 64% plan to monetize a project this year through platforms.


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