Instagram: posting photos and videos from a computer is finally possible

Instagram has just announced the arrival on October 21 of a feature long requested by users: the ability to post photos and videos directly from the PC version of Instagram. Until then, it was only possible to publish from the Android or iOS application of the social network.

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Instagram is just emerging from the controversy over its effects on adolescent mental health. Perhaps in the hope of putting this story permanently behind it, the social network has just announced the arrival of a multitude of features between this Tuesday, October 19, 2021 and October 21.

First of all, Instagram will finally make it possible to publish photos and videos from the PC version of the application! This feature, requested for ages by the community, was in testing phase with a handful of users for several months now. This is great news for anyone who likes to edit their photos in Photoshop or other editing software before posting them to Instagram.

Instagram is full of news in October 2021

No need to then switch the photos to your smartphone to publish from the app, all you have to do is connect to the desk version to quickly distribute your content on the social network. Another function also made its entry on Tuesday, October 19. Baptized Collabs, it allows you to co-write posts and Reels with another user. Collabs posts are published on both accounts, will appear in both accounts’ feed, and share the same number of likes and the same comments feed.

Here is a feature that will probably be appreciated to set up partnerships between Instagramers for example, or to carry out sponsored publications. The Reels, the equivalent of TikTok videos via Instagram, also host new tools called Superbeat and Dynamic Lyrics.

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The first “intelligently applies special effects to the beat of a user’s song ” while Dynamic Lyrics “displays 3D lyrics that follow the groove ” of the video according to Instagram. As you can doubt, the deployment of all these new features will be gradual, like previous Instagram updates. In this case, you may have to wait a few days before you can take advantage of it.

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