Home Business Instagram launches Instagram subscriptions for Spanish creators

Instagram launches Instagram subscriptions for Spanish creators

Instagram plans to remove the shopping tab

Instagram social network has taken a step forward in its commitment to content creators, announcing the arrival of subscriptions to Spain. After seeing the success that subscriptions have brought to creators in the United States, from the platform they have expanded access to this function to more creators around the world. In the coming weeks, eligible creators in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Mexico, and the United Kingdom will be able to access subscriptions and start earning money through the support of their fans. In the coming months they plan to continue expanding access worldwide.

How do Instagram subscriptions work?

With Instagram subscriptions, you They can build deeper connections with their most active followers and increase monthly recurring revenue by offering subscribers access to exclusive content and benefits, all on the same platform.

In addition, creators will be able to set a monthly price of their choosing, unlock the “Subscribe” button on their profile, and offer the following benefits to subscribers:

  • Posts, stories, reels and live streams for subscribers: You can create reels, posts, and stories just for your subscribers. It will be possible to use exclusive content, use interactive story stickers or even broadcast live only for paying subscribers.
  • Featured content for subscribers: The latest exclusive stories will automatically be saved as highlights that only subscribers can see, so they never miss a story.
  • Broadcast messages and social channels for subscribers: You can give subscribers access or special information on exclusive channels.
  • Subscriber Badges: A subscriber badge will be visible next to comments and messages that subscribers send so you can easily identify them and prioritize interactions with them.

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