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Instagram launches a function that limits the time of use of the social network

Instagram launches a function that limits the time of use of the social network

The great person in charge of the social network Instagram has just announced the next great novelty that will be presented on the platform. This is intended to moderate the time users spend with your app.

The new function is called “Take a break” or “Take a break” and could not explain its purpose. It will be available for the Instagram application on Android and iOS, it will be tested first.

“Take a break” test 🧑‍🔬This week we started testing a new feature called “Take a break.” This subscription control allows you to receive reminders of pauses in the application after a period of your choice. I’m excited to dig into the results and hopefully release this sometime in December. ✌🏼 pic.twitter.com/WdSTjL6ZdH

– Adam Mosseri 😷 (@mosseri) November 10, 2021

Instagram limits the time of use of your application with “Take a break”

Aware of the dependence that many users currently have on social networks, Instagram takes this measure to avoid this scourge. In addition, the head of the social network ensures that this novelty was designed with the health of the metal of its users in mind.

In fact, it will be the user himself who will define the maximum times during which he wants to have a continuous consumption of the content published on Instagram. Options will fluctuate between 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

Once the user-defined level has been reached, the user will receive a reminder to do so. It is not clear if it will be just a reminder or if restrictive measures will be imposed on the consumption of Instragam content when the time is up.

The impact of this new feature may be limited due to the way it was designed and delivered to users. This is an optional measure, that is, the user must enable this function.

Perhaps it could be more effective if it were a feature enabled by default on Instagram. In that case, users would have the necessary tools to disable the function or customize the times for content consumption.

Trial version starts later this week

For now, the “Take a break” feature is being tested and will be available to a small group of users for evaluation. It means that not everyone will receive it now and whoever receives it Instagram asks for their feedback.

The hope of the person in charge of the social network is that this functionality will improve in the coming months. He believes that a final version of this functionality can be released to all users within a month or two.

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