Instagram has a new feature perfect for Digital Influencers

EITHER instagram It is one of the most popular social networks in the world and also one of the fastest to introduce new features to its platform. Proof of this is the arrival, already in force, of a functionality similar to that implemented by Elon Musk in the twitter🇧🇷

The issue is the notes feature which will allow users to post (flag) a text post to their profile/timeline. As we now have, for Twitter Blue subscribers, the ability to post messages of up to 4,000 characters per cheep🇧🇷

The notes function is the new function that will come to the Instagram social network

instagram social network

Wasting no time, the Meta group’s social network has already implemented a similar feature that will allow you to post notes, messages, and perhaps lists with links to affiliates and purchase paths. Something that could be of interest to digital influencers and beyond.

Notes, the name of the new feature, will also allow users to send text messages through Instagram. By the way, one of the functions most requested by users in recent times, as a way to replace direct messages or DM’s on the platform.

Texting on Instagram, like Facebook Messenger

instagram notes

The operation of this option is simple. Just like with Facebook Messenger, Instagram will also have a relatively simple chat feature. Also, with these Notes we can create quick posts to appear in Stories as a new type of post, but for now they will have a 60-character limit and support for emojis.

However, this is the beginning of further convergence between the features of Facebook and Facebook Messenger, specifically the Chat option. A new feature that brings more communication and posting options to the platform, again similar to what is gradually being implemented on Twitter.

Status messages or status with text for Instagram stories

The novelty “was born” as the possibility of publishing a text message as a Status for Instagram. Something that will be familiar to WhatsApp users, since on that platform of the Meta group they also have the possibility of posting status messages.

Also, Instagram Announced also testing new features for Stories such as Profile Groups and Candid Stories, or relaxed stories. In addition, we also have the format of collaborations or Collaborative Collections.

This last type of Stories will be ideal to capture live moments, without major concerns, to capture the natural expressions of users and connect with their followers.

Finally, we are now waiting for the general availability of not only the new Notes, but also the aforementioned formats for this social network.

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