Instagram gets the most desired functionality on the computer

Unlike Facebook, which before being an application, was a social network that users accessed mostly from the computer, Instagram has always been the opposite. It became popular at a time when smartphones already had another dominance, and its version for computers was always secondary.

Still, for those who use Instagram from the computer, probably the most desired feature has always been being able to post from it. This was impossible until now, but these are days that are finally over.

Now it is possible to post on Instagram from the computer.

Starting this Thursday, October 21, as soon as you enter Instaram from your computer, you will have the opportunity to post photos and videos on that medium. However, it is good to note that shared videos are limited to 1 minute.

Posting on Instagram from your computer becomes a reality for all users
Posting on Instagram from your computer becomes a reality for all users

This is a particularly interesting novelty for companies in which the computer is always more within reach. It is also very useful for those who edited the photos on the computer and in this way you will no longer have to transfer them to your smartphone to share them.

It was already possible to access Instagram on the computer, but only to view posts, like or send messages. Being able to publish through this medium makes the social network more functional at that level.

To do this, simply go to Instagram on your computer and click the “+” icon. Add the photo or video to post, make any necessary changes, and then click “share.”

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