Instagram continues on its way of copying functions that we know from other social networks. Stories, which we often associate with Instagram these days, were originally a feature of Snapchat.

More recently, Instagram has also embraced Reels. These have even gained prominence in the social network of Meta (formerly Facebook), and are nothing more than a copy of the TikTok concept of fast videos in which we alternate in a Travel vertical.

Now Instagram seems to want to go further. In February 2021, Instagram publicly said it was working on vertical scrolling Stories. Remember that, until now, this displacement has always been done horizontally.

A tweet from analyst Matt Navarra shows us the tests that are being carried out in Turkey and Brazil. In practice, users using this feature can switch between Stories from different users with Travel vertical. already the Travel Horizontal remains to switch between stories of the same user.

🚨 Instagram is testing a vertical swipe stories feed in Turkeyh/t @yousufortaccom

– Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) January 12, 2022

This is a method that can surely save you time, if you are one of those who usually consume Stories on Instagram. Currently, to switch between Stories from the same user, we tap on the right or left side of the screen and scroll horizontally to switch users.

We must bear in mind that, at the moment, it is not certain that this function will reach all users. Tests are being done in Turkey and Brazil, and only then will Instagram decide whether or not to apply this system to everyone.

This news makes Instagram work even more similar to TikTok in your Stories. However, there are at least three certain changes to Instagram for 2022, and certainly more relevant ones.


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