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Insecurity worries New Yorkers more than ever

La inseguridad preocupa más que nunca a los neoyorquinos

Crime in New York City is perceived as a "very serious problem" by the vast majority of voters in the metropolis (74%), according to a survey by the American University of Quinnipiac (Connecticut), which ensures that this is the first time that this percentage has been recorded in the 23 years that they have surveyed the population on this issue.

The university points out that you have to go back to January 2016 to find the second highest rate of security concern. That year, 50% of voters viewed crime as a serious problem.

In fact, on the list of the most urgent issues that would need to be addressed in New York, insecurity ranks first at 46%, followed by affordable housing (14%), homelessness (9%), covid-19 (8%) and inflation (5%).

Even 65% are concerned about the possibility of eventually being the victim of a crime, compared to 33% who are not.

According to Mary Snow University polling analyst, the recent death of two police officers responding to an emergency call added to "multiple high-profile violent crimes, the demand and urgency in New York City is clear: reducing crime is problem number one".


One of the issues specifically addressed by the survey was the feeling of safety in the metro network of the city, where there have recently been attacks, even fatal, that have had a great media and political echo.

The research reveals that only 48% of those surveyed feel safe traveling on the subway, compared to 40% who say they do not feel safe, a percentage that skyrockets at night when 62% maintain that feel insecure in this means of transport.

However, when evaluating their neighborhoods, 78% say they feel safe or very safe in them, compared to 21% who say they are not safe.


Among other things, the Quinnipiac poll also asked its study subjects about their assessment of the city’s new mayor, Democrat Eric Adams, who owes much of his electoral success to his focus on security during his campaign.

The majority of Democratic voters (74%) and those who declare themselves independents (60%) are optimistic about the new city councilman, compared to only 46% of Republican voters who look favorably on him .

Likewise, 58% are confident that the new mayor will put an end to the growing armed violence, compared to 39% who do not believe that he is capable.

Among their security policies, 70% of voters approve of health professionals working with the police to deal with cases involving people with metal problems, 69% agree with an increase in the number of agents on the streets and Another 69% welcome the revival of the criticized plainclothes police force in the areas with the highest crime rates in the city.

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