Insatiable Ferrand-Prévot

These last two months of the cyclist Ferrand-Prévot have been fantasy. The French cyclist has managed to win no more and no less than four World Championships in this period of time. The last, the past Saturday October 8 where he won the first Gravel World Cup. Ferrand-Prévot surpassed the Swiss in the last meters of the race Sina Frei in what could be the end of the streak for the French. But the script was prepared so that, to the epic, Ferrand-Prévot won his fourth World Cup in just two months. An impressive thing to achieve for any cyclist.

The impressive thing about this milestone is the versatility that the French cyclist has. Ferrand-Prévot has managed to win these World Cups in different disciplines. Both in road cycling and in Mountain Bike. Ferrand-Prévot is wonderful at competing in any modality and has shown it by winning this Gravel World Championship to add it to the other three won in MTB.

And it is that the French has already done with four rainbow jerseys so far this year. The first one made it on August 26 at the Short Track World Championships. Ferrand-Prévot beat the Swiss Alessandra Keller in an exciting race where the Frenchwoman won gold to start a streak that has not yet ended.

that same week, the French took the second gold medal in a World Cup. It was at the World Cross Country Championships again, but on the longest course. On August 28, after having achieved first place in the short cross country discipline, Ferrand-Prévot, won the gold medal after achieving a time of 1h 22:08, surpassing by far the Swiss Jolanda Neff, second classified who arrived with a time difference of more than one minute.

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After these two World Cups, Ferrand-Prévot presented himself to the World Mountain Marathon in September. A discipline also of MTB in which, after having won the two previous competitions, the French was presented as the favorite. And she did not disappoint, as she, again, took first place in the race to achieve the third World Championship in a row.

Thus, Ferrand-Prévot came out of the Mountain Bike to also demonstrate his road cycling abilities. The Frenchwoman, despite being a specialist in MTB and also in cyclocross, has already shown on other occasions that she is a great competitor in road cycling. In fact, He already won a World Cup on the road in 2014, in Spain. Now, with this Gravel World Cup, the Frenchwoman increases her track record which, at 30 years old, has countless successes. After completing these four World Cups in just two months, the bar is very high for the following competitions. Although, for the French, it seems that nothing is impossible.

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