Initial availability of Apple Vision Pro will be very limited

The launch of the Apple Vision Pro, a device that has raised great expectations among brand enthusiasts, is becoming a niche product aimed only at Apple’s most passionate (and wealthiest) followers.

Although there is no exact release date yet, Initially, only 400,000 units are expected to be available, limited exclusively to the US.

According to a report from Jiemian News, availability will continue to be limited in 2024 with only 1 million units planned, although it is not specified whether these will be available worldwide or only in the US. Initial sales will likely be focused on this country, as Apple has not yet announced a global release date – even a tentative one – for the Vision Pro.

It is estimated that production will increase to 10 million units in 2025indicating the possibility of global availability this year.

According to the report, Apple spends around $1,700 to produce each Vision Pro unit, with 60% of the components coming from China. It remains to be seen whether Apple will be able to attract developers and especially its customers to this new device.

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