Infotep will inaugurate the innovation fair on Wednesday

The National Institute of Professional Technical Training (INFOTEP) will inaugurate, this Wednesday, March 15, the INNOVATEP fairwhere they will be presented 36 high-impact innovation projects for the life of Dominicans and Dominicans.

The event will also bring together international experts Álvaro Ramírez and Rodrigo Avendaño, from Costa Rica; Gonzalo Graña, from Uruguay and Javier Vallejo, from Spain, who will be presenting on the transformation of production models, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.

Among the conferences that will be given are “Learning throughout life and changes in the nature of work”, by the specialist and former candidate for the Vice Presidency of Costa Rica, Álvaro Ramírez; as well as “Entrepreneurs with innovative ideas” and “Large companies: the challenge of innovating”, dictated by the international expert Javier Vallejo, lawyer and economist with more than 20 years of experience in institutional strengthening, innovation and planning processes.

Also, “Dual training on the ILO agenda”, by Gonzalo Graña, international consultant; and “Virtual tools applied to professional technical training”, taught virtually by Rodrigo Avendaño, Senior Consultant of Strategic Accounts of the company Global Skills LATAM.

business representation
During the days of the fair, from March 15 to 18, the INNOVATEP Fair will have a broad representation of the business sector that will exhibit its products and present talks aimed at the general public.

The talks and conferences will be related to innovations applied to the areas of tourism, renewable energy, social networks, gastronomy, cybersecurity, among other topics of great interest to the general population.

At INNOVATEP, 36 innovation projects, 52 course projects or didactic models, conferences, talks and workshops (face-to-face and virtual), demonstrations of food, cooking, body massage, drinks and simulations will be presented.

Among the projects we can highlight the conversion of an internal combustion car to 100% electric, robotic gloves for rehabilitation body massages, an ecological mill to crush plastic, an intelligent garbage monitoring system and an intelligent traffic light, to make vehicle traffic viable. of emergency.

Also power amplifier to make energy use more efficient, smart home, algorithm to measure health data in high-performance athletes, among other novelties.

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