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Infotep delivers training certificates to 59 athletes

El Infotep entrega los certificados de capacitación a 59 deportistas

A total of 59 athletes received their respective certificates after having completed a workshop on “Effective communication and teamwork” offered by the National Institute of Professional Technical Training (INFOTEP).

The delivery of the diplomas took place this Wednesday morning, in the halls of the COD, and was headed by the graduates Antonio Acosta and Gilberto García, president and general secretary of the COD; Aracelis González, Infotep Training Advisor and Edwin De la Cruz, from the Infotep Public Relations Department.

Mrs. Robertina Columna, director of human resources of the Olympic organization, also participated in the activity. Masiel Leguisamón, Administrative Director, was also present.

García highlighted the importance of the fact that in the sports sector courses are offered that prepare athletes for a better

“Athletes need this type of alliances due to the importance of the training and education of the human person for society. I can tell you that the achievements we have achieved are the product of teamwork that we have carried out together with Infotep in favor of the training of our athletes”, said the general secretary of COD.

He added that the workshop is part of a diploma plan that Infotep will impart to the national sports movement in different areas.

For her part, Aracelis González, Infotep Training Advisor, corroborated the words expressed by Gilberto García, pointing out the importance of training athletes for their development in their daily lives.

“We are joining forces so that our athletes have the highest degree of preparation to help improve their development and better performance in society,” said González, while expressing gratitude to the COD leaders.

“We are very pleased with the effort that we have all made in this alliance,” said González.

The course, which was given over a week, took place in the halls of the COD and in the meeting hall of the Dominican Volleyball Federation, and was attended by athletes from the sports of judo, taekwondo, triathlon, volleyball, fencing and karate.

Edra Anderson, Infotep teacher, was in charge of offering the talk sessions to the workshop participants.

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