Ineos Britannia extends its idyll with Palma de Mallorca

A few months after moving to Barcelona, ​​the Ineos Britannia continues to accelerate at his work base in Porto Pi, Palma de Mallorca. He Challenger of Record of the 37th Copa América works tirelessly with its AC40 and the LEQ12 with the aim of collecting and evaluating data and testing and developing systems and wings to advance the design of the AC75 with which it will compete in Barcelona in 2024. The British team has been playing Palma for months from Mallorca his headquarters and his satisfaction is such that he closed an agreement with the island authorities to maintain their installed base of work in Porto Pi three more years.

In Palma, INEOS Britannia feels at home, especially two members of the team like the Mallorcan Elvira Llabrés (computer engineer) and Miguel Sánchez-Cuenca (meteorologist). The Director of Operations of INEOS Britannia, David Endean, did not hesitate to praise Palma and it is that from the first moment all doors were found open: “The Port Authority and the local government reacted very quickly and positively to our consultations to establish a camp in Palma. They have given us a great operating site and from the start they were very accommodating”.

Palma has given the British team the opportunity to have many sailing days during the winter and, in addition, they have found a “welcoming local community. Our team members who have moved have been able to dive in quickly. It has been a very positive move. It is difficult not to enjoy living on the island because it is a very beautiful place, you live by the sea and you have the conditions to go swimming, surf, windsurf or sail almost all year round,” added Endean. Despite being in Palma de Mallorca, communications with the engineers in Brackley are constant and that is that “On a sailing day, our UK mission control houses eight or nine engineers who monitor every inch of data leaving the ship. They have been able to see and talk to the test boat live without delay.”.

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Time on the water is very valuable during this phase of the America’s Cup and Ineos Britannia has been able to sail much more than if she had stayed in England. “This winter was interesting because we had a couple of unexpected mistrals, but in general when compared to how we’ve been training in UK waters last season we’ve had a lot more time on the water”. Finally, Matt Lyon, INEOS Britannia boat builder, explained how important it is to have an environment that has an infrastructure that allows you to work without obstacles and, in addition, Palma de Mallorca (Puerto Portals) hosts the 52 Super competition Series: “Work-wise it is a superyacht and yacht center with the TP52 fleet here as well. It’s a pretty awesome place to be and be able to get support through contractors or just general vendors.”

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