The executive director of the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI), teacher Esteban Pérez Polanco, urged teachers to make the most of the training workshops organized by the entity, indicating that they are committed to forming better citizens in the country, through of Education.

Professor Pérez Polanco expressed himself in those terms during the official ceremony corresponding to the third stage of the "Training and Updating Day for the Planning of the Physical Education Class in the Dominican Republic"in the UASD-San Juan de la Maguana Campus.

"Let’s take advantage of this great opportunity. Let’s take advantage of these workshops… be multipliers because with that we contribute to the development of our citizens"he said in his speech.

He explained that the extended training and updating has as scope the four zones of the Southern Region corresponding to the educational system, among them the regional ones 01, 02, 03 and 18, located respectively in Barahona, San Juan, Azua and Neyba.

He argued that the idea is to train the entire South region and impact for the first time 100% of the country’s physical education teachers, who total 3,800.

He explained that there are three fundamental elements that are being worked on in the workshops: knowledge and motor skills, along with sports skills; as well as values, discipline and behavior; while in the sports part, the student’s body is worked on.

"Everything we are doing to transform physical education is not only part of INEFI, but is on the instructions of the Minister of Education, Dr. Roberto Furcal, and as an initiative of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader."said Pérez Polanco.

During the opening ceremony, Professor Nelson Fulcar, deputy director general of INEFI, also spoke, who said that work is being done to ensure that management leaves a legacy for future generations.

Professor Francisco Lebrón Pérez, advisor, gave the words of welcome on behalf of the Regional Director.

The UASD-San Juan de la Maguana Campus served as the stage for the event, chaired by director Pérez Polanco; Professor Nelson Fulcar; Dr. Manuel Morel, Teaching Director and coordinator of the activity, and Professor Juan Antonio Roa, Technical Director of INEFI.


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