INEFI provides incentives to teachers and technicians; awards English scholarships to employees

In order to improve the work of its team of teachers and technicians, the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) recently gave an incentive to teachers who are part of and work in that government institution.

The INEFI human resources department, headed by Carlos Herrera Henríquez, revealed that the measure was taken by the executive director, Alberto Rodríguez Mella, who also considered it “a priority for the institution to continue training physical education teachers.”

Herrera Henríquez revealed that the measure was taken due to the clamor of the teachers who, since the last administration, had been complaining and demanding better working conditions, which was taken into account by Rodríguez Mella to satisfy said request.

Rodríguez Mella said that it was fair that these incentives were delivered, for which the teacher’s service time was taken into account and they have a relative, not absolute, percentage value applied to the base salary of each employee.

He indicated that, subject to the law on incentives, “the application of incentives is subject to the times and requirements formally established by the Ministry of Education.”

He said he was aware that “the teacher deserves to be paid fairly and, for that, there must be a flexible salary structure that can be updated according to the fluctuations of the family basket.”

As part of the training program for its employees, INEFI, through the Washington Language Center, also provided 70 scholarships to study the English language, “seeking to continue promoting institutional development.”

Classes are taught on Mondays and Wednesdays for two months by level in room SAM1 of the Salomé Ureña Teacher Training Institute (ISFODOSU).

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