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INEFI opens the third stage of the training and updating session

INEFI abre la tercera etapa de la jornada de capacitación y actualización

The National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) continues to contribute to the development of physical education in the Dominican Republic, and this Tuesday it was put in evidence by delivering the renovated field of the Calasanz Polytechnic, in this province of the Eastern region.

The INEFI held an official ceremony in which it opened the continuation of the third stage of the Training and Updating Day for the Planning of the Physical Education Class in the Dominican Republic.

The executive director of INEFI, Esteban Pérez Polanco, led the remodeling work on the field, delivered in optimal conditions.

Similarly, Professor Pérez Polanco led the official training ceremony, with which INEFI fulfills its mission, that of the Dominican Government and the Ministry of Education (MINERD) to train and develop the skills and knowledge of physical education teachers. , which enhances their work.

Professor Pérez Polanco said that President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Education, Dr. Roberto Fulcar, have a special interest in the development of education.

"In the same way, the INEFI fulfills an institutional mission of developing physical activity and school sports, contributing, consequently, with the good learning of the student."declared teacher Esteban Pérez Polanco.

He argued that the greatest weight that a school has in the training of its students is physical education.

On his side, the Teaching Director of INEFI, Manuel Morel, said that the training and updating will take place in the three eastern zones that make up the educational regions 05, 12 and 17 and will impact 3,800 physical education teachers for the first time. , equivalent to 100% of the country’s educators in the indicated discipline.

He specified that there are three fundamental elements that will be worked on in the workshops: knowledge, motor skills, along with sports skills and values, discipline and behavior.

The deputy director general of INEFI, Professor Nelson Fulcar, also spoke at the event, who said that the physical education teacher plays a leading role in the student’s training.

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