The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM) and AZUL, the commercial brand of Servicios Digitales Popular, a subsidiary of Grupo Popular, will facilitate the insertion and development of means of payment and digital transactions in small and medium-sized companies that have the Mipymes certification granted by this ministry.

The agreement signed between Servicios Digitales Popular and the MICM contemplates a program of discounts and special prices for certified SMEs to advance in their digital payment ecosystem and increase their sales with the solutions provided by AZUL. From mid-August 2020 to April 2022, the MICM has issued 20,562 Mipymes Certifications, of which 1,139 are Women’s Mipymes.

Specifically, the requesting companies that meet the AZUL affiliation requirements will be able to enjoy 20% discounts on services to receive electronic payments, such as its E-commerce platform, the Payment Link, the Data Vault or the authentication of the cardholder with card not present, as well as a two-month exemption from the complementary fee or charge for low billing.

Social and economic strengthening of SMEs

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs, Víctor – Ito- Bisonó valued the agreement and its example as a joint initiative in favor of the sustainability of small and medium-sized companies.

“The new times require society to be on par with the implementation of innovative tools in each product and service offered by industries. This innovative instrument provided by AZUL will allow micro, small and medium-sized companies to migrate to the digital payment ecosystem and expand their client portfolio”, Minister Bisonó stressed.

Eugene Rault Grullón, general manager of Servicios Digitales Popular, highlighted the competitive improvement that being able to receive digital payments means, which increases sales and increases cash flow, thanks to the use of payment platforms that consumers demand the most.

“AZUL’s leadership in the market can help our SMEs take advantage of this growing demand, thanks to the broadest platform for processing payments and digital transactions that we have,” he said.

In addition to virtual payment tools, at AZUL we have more than 38,000 physical payment terminals installed, which demonstrates the leadership of our brand in this market. In 2021, our turnover increased by 43% compared to the previous year, with more than 96 million transactions processed.


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