Industry and Commerce and Adiplast sponsor a program at INTEC on plastic concentration

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM) and the Dominican Association of the Plastic Industry (Adiplast), sponsored the relaunch of the Plastics Concentration programfrom the Engineering Area of ​​the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC).

Support for this training, from which they will soon graduate five new specialists in the subject, was done with the aim of train professionals with theoretical and practical knowledge of materials, processes and plastic molding, in order to respond to the needs of this industry.

To complement the academic content of the Plastic Concentration curriculumwhich designed INTEC and which has seven subjects of which young people must select four of these as part of their professional cycle to obtain the degree, including technical visits to companies in the plastic sector and internships in ADIPLAST member industries.

In terms of sustainability, students will have access to the webinar program sponsored by the MICM on sustainability of the plastic sectorto be taught by the prestigious Plastic and Rubber Training and Research Institute (ICIPC) of Colombia.

The relaunch of this concentration is part of the actions developed through the triple helix alliance between the State, academia and industry, to promote spaces for innovation and technological development in Dominican industries.

In addition, the INTEC Plastic Training and Research Center (CCIP), which offers specialized advisory, consulting, training, specialized training and laboratory services, promotes progress for the growth and sustainable development of the sector.

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