Indotel puts into operation a web platform to validate documents and digital signatures

The Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) left the new platform for document validation and digital signatures “Validafirma”.

The purpose of this initiative is for users to have a system that facilitates verification and validation of the authenticity, integrity and legality of digitally signed documents in the national territory.

The launch event was headed by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, who was accompanied by the President of the Indotel Board of Directors, Nelson Arroyo.

The portal will allow through a domain and friendly web design that a digital document be uploaded to obtain an evaluation and verification report of the signature format, data of the signer and the status of the digital certificate of your provider.

During the launch event, Arroyo stressed that the “Validafirma” portal, is part of the mission of the “Digital Agenda 2030” to optimize and modernize processes in both the public and private sectors.

“President Luis Abinader made clear his government vision regarding the digital transformation that the country needed, and from Indotel we have taken the necessary steps to make this happen and we can have a more connected and modern Dominican Republic,” said Arroyo.

The director of Cybersecurity, Electronic Commerce and Digital Signatures, César Moliné explained that users will be able to verify the certificate issue datethe certification body that issued it, the validity period and other relevant details.

Besides, the portal can verify if the certificate and electronic seals are valid and if they have been revoked or expired.

This project is part of the powers granted through Law 126-02 on Electronic Commerce, Documents and Digital Signatures, its Application Regulations and Complementary Rules.

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