‘Indore to Mumbai fare wasted’, fan kept asking for selfie, audience angry after seeing Ananya’s tantrums

Chunky Pandey’s beloved daughter, Ananya Pandey, was recently spotted by the media leaving a yoga class. But in the meantime, Ananya Pandey did something that once again came under the target of trolls. Watching Ananya Pandey’s viral video, someone is comparing her to Shahnaz Gill, while someone is mad at her seeing her rude behavior.

In fact, when Ananya Pandey left yoga class recently, the media started capturing her on camera, while one of her fans waited for her for hours. This Ananya Pandey fan had come from Indore to Mumbai to meet her. But the way Ananya ignored that fan… The audience didn’t like this scene at all.

In the video you can see that Ananya’s fans were longing to take a selfie with her, but the actress left in her car immediately after giving the camera a smile. She completely ignored the fan of hers that she was waiting for him for hours. Seeing this indifference from Ananya Pandey, she is continuously being trolled on social media.

While trolling Ananya Pandey, one user writes that – Indore to Mumbai fare is wasted… Commenting on another user, he writes that what is this attitude bro… One user wrote – Urfi Javed is better than this I would have gone to… then a user wrote: Yeh Shahnaz Gill is a bit who will respect his fans. Ananya Pandey is being trolled a lot in the comment box of the video. Some call her the queen of wrestling and others say we shouldn’t even go see her movies.

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