Indonesia: the toll of the earthquake on the island of Java rises to 321 dead, the search still in progress

Rescuers are still on the ground. The death toll from the earthquake that struck the island of Java in Indonesia on Monday has risen to 321, the national disaster management agency announced on Sunday (November 27th).

This magnitude 5.6 earthquake caused extensive damage in West Java. After an initial death toll of around 270, the death toll continued to rise each day as rescuers discovered new bodies under the rubble of buildings that had collapsed or been swallowed up by landslides. “After the discovery of eight more bodies on Saturday and three today, we are now at 321 dead”, the head of the disaster management agency, Suharyanto, said on Sunday evening. Eleven people are still missing, and the search will continue on Monday to try to find them.

Deadliest earthquake since 2018

The quake destroyed or damaged more than 60,000 homes and 73,000 displaced people are currently housed in more than 300 shelters, he added. Located on the “ring of fire” of the Pacific where the tectonic plates meet, Indonesia is regularly confronted with earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. This earthquake is the deadliest in Indonesia since 2018, when the region of Palu (Island of Celebes) was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami which killed more than 4,000 people.

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