The director of the Dominican Institute for Quality (Indocal), Lorenzo Ramírez, warned that no technician from that institution requires additional payments for inspection work on fuel pumps, in order to verify if the legal regulations of measurement for the sale of fuel to the public.

Ramírez assured, in turn, that it is not allowed to grant “gifts” to the entity’s inspectors, after considering that “those who incur in this practice could be committing the crime of bribery of a State servant, and, consequently, they could be brought to justice.”

He explained that the payment process for the verification of fuel dispensers is carried out administratively at the institution’s headquarters.

Interviewed on the program En el Foco con Holi Matos, which is broadcast through the digital platform of El Nuevo Diario TV, the official recalled that Law 41-08 on Public Function prohibits public servants from requesting, accepting or receiving advantages or benefits in money or in kind, for facilitating the acquisition of State goods and services by third parties.

In case of reports of violation of the rule, Ramírez called to make the complaints through the channels available in the institution.

By mandate of Law 166-22, which establishes and regulates the Dominican System for Quality, Indocal, through the Department of Legal Metrology, is the authority responsible for controlling and guaranteeing the proper functioning of the measurement instruments involved in the different commercial activities carried out in the national territory.

In order to guarantee transparency in the weighing process of the products purchased by the consumer, Indocal executes a scale verification program in the country’s commercial establishments, including fuel stations, to ensure that the volume of dispatch is the same contracted by the user.



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