Indo-US military exercise: Amidst China’s antics on the border, India took this step together with America, then the dragon was shocked

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Army exercise


  • Military exercise between US and India in October
  • China stunned by the military exercise to be held close to the border
  • China does not want to grow closer between India and America

Indo-US military exercise: Tension has been going on between India and China for a long time. The biggest reason for this is the nefarious activities done by China in the border areas. Relations between the two countries have been very strained since the violent clash between the soldiers of India and China in the Galvan Valley two years ago. China is busy increasing its military activities from Pakistan to Sri Lanka and Nepal and Afghanistan. So that he can surround India all-round. Meanwhile, India’s growing proximity to America, which specializes in diplomacy, is hurting the dragon very much. Amidst the tension arising due to Chinese antics in the border area, India is now going to do something with the US that the dragon’s hands and feet have started to swell.

In fact, India and America have announced to conduct joint military exercises together in October. This frightened China. China is calling it a violation of agreements between the two countries. He is calling this effort a third party intervention between the two countries. At the same time, India has given a strong reply to China in this matter and said that we stand by our earlier agreements. In fact this exercise is proposed near the Line of Actual Control. This has terrified China.

Indian Army will show strength with America

In this joint exercise, the soldiers of the Indian Army with America will show their strength. During this, the armies of both the countries will display their fighting skills. This practice will last for several days. Due to this exercise being proposed near the Line of Control, China has been threatening its security. At the same time, he is concerned about the closeness of America and India. China does not want India and America to grow closer in this way.

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exercise will be held in uttarakhand

Soldiers of India and America will conduct war exercises in Oli, Uttarakhand. This area is close to the India and China border. China says that no third country is allowed near the border. Whereas India has rejected this allegation of China. This military exercise between the two countries is to be done from October 18 to 31. This time a large number of soldiers will participate in this exercise between the two countries. Earlier, India and America have exercised in the cold climate of Alaska.

Comparison between China and India’s army

The Indian Army is the second largest army in the world after China. China has 1200 fighter planes and India has 564. India has 2182 and China has a total of 3285 aircraft. India’s defense budget is $70 billion while China’s is $230 billion. India has 17 submarines and China has 79 submarines. There are 20 lakh soldiers in China’s army, while India has 14.50 lakh soldiers. India has 25 lakh 27 thousand paramilitary forces, while China has only 24 thousand paramilitary forces. India has 10 destroyer ships and China has 41. India has 4614 tanks and China has 5250 tanks. India has one aircraft carrier and China has two. China has 35 thousand armored vehicles and India has 12 thousand.

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