Home Business Inditex increases its profits to 2,513 million euros

Inditex increases its profits to 2,513 million euros

Inditex increases its sales and obtains a profit of €3,243 million

Inditex is breaking numbers again Sales and profit balance. The Galician group has registered one Net profit of 2,513 million euros during the first half of its 2023-2024 fiscal year (period between February 1 and July 31), which a Increase of 40.1% compared to the same period last year, the company reported this Wednesday.

Also, Sales rose by 13.5% to 16,851 million. The company founded by Amancio Ortega has highlighted the evolution “very satisfying» Both in store and online, across all geographic areas and across all formats, while sales increased 16.6% at constant exchange rates. The company therefore continues to develop «very positive» in online sales and expects a growing share of this in the group’s total sales.

He Gross operating profit (EBITDA)for its part grew by 15.7% to 4,663 million, while the Net operating income (EBIT) rose by 30.2% to 3,164 million euros and earnings before taxes rose by 39% to 3,252 million euros. Now it is Operating expenses At 12.5%, they rose below sales growth and amounted to 5,116 million euros.

Parallel to, Inditex continues to improve Gross margin. Specifically, in the first half of the year it increased by 14.1% to 9,801 million euros and amounted to 58.2% of sales, which corresponds to an increase of 27 basis points compared to the first six months of 2022. Through the implementation of the business model, Inditex recorded a strong generation of funds. Adjusted for leasing payments, The flows generated increased by 35.4% and cash flow from operations increased by 57.4%.

«The results this semester show that the talent of our teams consolidates the performance improvements of the business model. The ongoing commitment to creativity, product quality and customer experience as well as decisive advances in sustainability form a strategy that takes our business model to a higher level.“, he emphasized Oscar Garcia MaceirasCEO of the group.

Between February and July Inditex held openings in 20 stores. At the end of the reporting period, the company operated 5,745 stores. The data places Europe as the region with the best development, while the Spanish market grew above the company’s average. The net financial position, in turn, grew by 14.1% in the first half of 2022 to 10,546 million euros at the end of the first half of the 2023 financial year. In addition, in the first quarter of 2022 Inditex For the estimated expenses for the 2022 financial year, 216 million euros were provided in the “Other results” line Russian Federation And Ukraine.

The group also stated that in the second half of the year the collections of the autumn/winter campaign “is very well received by customers«. The In-store and online sales at a constant exchange rate between August 1 and September 11, 2023 they grew by 14% compared to the same period in 2022.


Inditex continues to see great opportunities for future growth. Specifically, it is assumed that normal investments amount to approx 1.6 billion euros in 2023. The group’s priorities include: “continually improve the fashion offering; optimize the customer experience; place an increased focus on sustainability; and retain the talent and commitment of its employees«. «Prioritizing these areas will drive long-term growth. To take our business model to the next level and further expand our differentiation, we are developing a series of initiatives in all key areas for the coming years.‘ they explained.

«We continue to expect a growing increase in sales productivity in our branches. He Gross area growth in 2023 will be around 3% and the task of branch optimization continues. Inditex expects the contribution of the area to sales to be positive in 2023. We continue to experience very positive developments in online sales and expect them to represent a growing share of the group’s total sales“said the company, which expects a currency impact of -3.5% on sales in 2023 at current exchange rates.

With regard to sustainability, the company has highlighted the use of the platform Zara used goods, available since September 7th for Zara customers in France. The group has said it hopes to reduce its emissions by more than 50% by 2030; and net-zero emissions by 2040, reducing carbon footprint by at least 90% compared to 2018.

The company also announced that the final dividend for the 2022 financial year (0.60 euros per share) will be paid next November 2, 2023.

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