Indigo is a miracle! Doctors told Evaluna that she could not have children

A few months ago Evaluna and Camilo were surprised when they revealed that they would become parents, a baby who bears the name Indigo, and who is also a miracle for the couple because the doctors told the young artist that she could not have children.

Ricardo Montaner’s youngest daughter confessed in her podcast “En la sala with Evaluna” how difficult it was for her to get pregnant.

Evaluna spoke about the topic of infertility with a couple of Christian shepherds, who told her about the vicissitudes of having their first child.

"Doctors told me a million times that I could not have children and that it was going to be impossible because of my hormones and other things that were supposedly not right in my body", He said.

However, neither she nor her husband Camilo gave up, and when they believed that it would not happen, it just happened after several attempts: "We started trying for a little while … and it happened", revealed the artist very happy: "And I love that it happens, always at the time it has to happen. God is so faithful in your life and in ours".

‘Indigo’ was also the name of the song with which they left a before and after in their reality, sharing the happiness that invaded them knowing that they would be parents.

Celebrities have commented that they do not want to know the sex of their baby


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