India’s record in the decisive Test series is excellent, this is South Africa’s home condition.

The test series between India and South Africa has now reached the final juncture. While India won the first round, South Africa settled the score by winning the second round. Now, since Tuesday, both teams face each other to win the series.

The decisive match of the Test series will be played in Cape Town starting Tuesday. Whichever team wins this match, the series will bear their name. Before this, please let us know how India’s record has been in the decisive match of the Overseas Test series. At the same time, how has South Africa performed in the deciding matches at home?

India has played 18 decisive Test Series away matches so far. During this, Team India has won six matches. There have been six Test draws. Furthermore, in six test matches, the Indian team has to face defeat.

Playing at home, South Africa’s performance in the decisive matches of the Test series has also been excellent. At home, South Africa have played 11 decisive Test series matches so far. During this, he has won six games. There have been two games tied. In the deciding matches at home, South Africa have only lost three matches.

The Indian team won the decisive match of the Test series against Australia last year. The Indian team had defeated Australia in that test held in Gabba. Now against South Africa, the Indian team would like to do the same.


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