India’s important announcement regarding the purchase of Russian oil

India’s Oil and Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said that we will continue to buy cheap Russian oil for our people.

Indian Minister of Oil and Gas Hardeep Sindhpuri has taken a categorical position in an interview with the American TVCNN and said that the Indian government has a moral duty to provide energy to the large population of India, even if this fuel is supplied to the public. Whatever the source.

During the interview, anchor Becky Anderson asked the Indian minister if India had any problem with continuing to buy Russian oil, to which Hardeep Singh said that it should be made very clear that the Indian government has a moral obligation to to provide energy to the large population of the country regardless of the source of public supply of this fuel.

With only 0.2 percent of Russia’s oil imports in fiscal year 2022 ending March 31, we still only buy a quarter of what Europe buys from Russia, he added.

India sees no “moral conflict” in importing Russian oil, despite Western efforts to block Moscow’s revenue, has said.

Asked by the host if New Delhi sees purchases from Russia as a moral conflict, Puri took a clear line and said, “Not at all. It’s not a moral conflict.” What will India do if you insist on stopping oil trade? He said, “I don’t pay attention to hypothetical questions. If the European Union wants to come up with something to replace Russian oil, they will talk to us.”

It should be noted that the United States and the European Union have tried to limit Russia’s oil and gas trade through sanctions that were imposed on Moscow as a result of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in February.

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