India has begun considering allowing small investors to use cryptocurrencies to protect its financial assets.

Heavy media Reports According to the report, the finance ministry has prepared a bill on the use of cryptocurrency, which has also been approved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The government is expected to present the bill at its November 29 meeting for approval and legalization of the corrupt currency.

According to the report, after this legislation, the minimum investment of cryptocurrency, through which transactions will be legalized.

Policymakers believe the government could achieve the targets set out in the legislation because it would directly benefit private companies.

Economists and technology experts say that in India, 20% of transactions on a platform called Wazir X are done through cryptocurrency.

A spokesman for the finance ministry did not respond to a request for comment.

On the other hand, the National Central Bank of India, while expressing concern over the use of corrupt currency, said that if this happens then no one will be able to stop the value of the national currency from falling.

The government believes that tax revenue will increase after the use of corrupt currency is allowed.



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