The San Francisco de Macorís Indians announced the start of their training for next Tuesday, May 10, with a view to their participation in the 2022 season of the National Basketball League (LNB).

The club’s practices are scheduled to start at 10:00 in the morning in the Mario Ortega roofed pavilion.

The information was offered by the Operations Manager Luis Esmurdoc who also reported that the franchise will start with a good group of players and that the roster of stars and reinforcements will be completed in the course of it.

Like every year, the administration of the San Francisco Indians carried out important repair and beautification works in different areas of the facility, including the lights and the court, which will also have a different design for next season.

In the same way, a new administrative office was built and the management office was repaired for greater comfort of the team’s executives.

The National Basketball League has a date to start the season next Tuesday, May 24 with the participation of the eight traditional franchises.


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