Indians will now have to eat burgers without tomatoes

After a sharp increase in the price of tomatoes in India, now foreign food chain companies have removed tomatoes from their burgers.

Tomato is a vegetable fruit that is loved by everyone and is an essential ingredient for almost every dish. Similarly, tomato is a must for making burgers tasty. Chains have also started dropping tomatoes from their popular brands.

A well-known American food chain company whose most famous brand of burgers is recognized worldwide. Now Indian citizens will have to eat their burgers without tomatoes as the sky-high prices of tomatoes have forced the company to remove tomatoes from its burgers.

According to a foreign media report, the Indian franchise of the American fast food company has removed tomato from its menu after the increase in vegetable prices and now the burger will be sold without tomato.

The move comes at a time when supply shortages and concerns over the quality of tomatoes are being raised in India. Due to which the price of tomatoes has reached record breaking heights and in many areas tomatoes are being sold up to 250 rupees per kg.

In this regard, the spokesperson of the said company has said that they are working for the best and good quantity of purchases to serve their customers. Currently they have to offer their products without tomatoes, without telling how long this problem will persist.

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