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Indians remember those killed in the 11/26 terrorist attacks in Israel


  • There was a demand for speedy justice punishing the mastermind of the attack.
  • The events were held at the University of Jerusalem, Hebrew, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Eilat (Israel): Indians in Israel remembered those killed by Lashkar-e-Taiba in the Mumbai attacks of 11/26 2008 and demanded swift justice by punishing the “mastermind” of the crime. He called for coordinated efforts to address the threat of terrorism on the eve of the 13th anniversary of these attacks. Indian students, members of the Indian Jewish community, and Indians living and working in Israel organized a series of events across the country on Thursday, the eve of the 11/26 attacks, at major Israeli institutions and in those killed in terrorist attacks. paid tribute to There were also six Jews among those killed in these attacks.

Several events are also scheduled for Friday, the anniversary of the attacks. Isaac Solomon, 84, a leader of the Indian Jewish community in the southern coastal city of Eilat, told an event at the Sitar Club that India and Israel are victims of terrorism, although both countries are seeking peace with their neighbors. “Terrorists really have no real purpose. Their only goal is to harm people. India and Israel are democracies that want peace and will continue to speak out against the problem of terrorism anywhere in the world.

Eilat Deputy Mayor Stas Bilkin also attended the event in solidarity with the victims of the attack. The events were held at Jerusalem, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Ben Guriyan University and Haifa, in which a large number of Indian students participated following the rules related to COVID-19. Ankit Chauhan, a researcher at Ben-Gurion University, said: “It is shameful that the true masterminds of the attack are roaming freely while the families of the victims await justice. Nations seeking peace must unite in their determination to defeat terrorism. and its sponsors 11/26 is a shared pain between India and Israel and we must do everything we can to bring the culprits to justice.

Some of the participants of the event also recalled the valiant efforts of Indian soldiers to confront the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008. Digal Menashe, an organization representing the Nei Menache Jewish community from the states of Manipur and Mizoram, in the Northeast India, condemned the attacks as a “cowardly” act against innocent unarmed people.

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