Indianapolis 500: Fernando Alonso speaks without regard

The Asturian Formula 1 driver once again puts on the table the possibility of returning to one of the competitions that has cost him so many challenges

Fernando Alonso, the renowned pilot of Formula 1, He has spoken openly about the possibility of competing again in the famous Indianapolis 500 race, a competition that has brought both challenges and opportunities for the Asturian driver. Alonso made his debut in the prestigious race in 2017, resigning from the Monaco Grand Prix in the middle of a difficult season for McLaren.

In a partnership with McLaren, Andretti Autosport and Honda, Alonso became the center of attention throughout the month and was ranked sixth. The Spaniard was in contention for victory on race day, before an engine problem forced him to retire. This caused the absence of the pilot in the competition for a couple of years.

Fernando Alonso’s commitment to the Indianapolis 500

Return to Indianapolis and challenges in 2019

Alonso returned to the event in 2019, free of its commitments to the F1, but a series of mishaps during the event took him out of qualifying, denying him a place on the starting grid. In previous years, Alonso has shared his desire to win the Triple Crown of Motorsports: winning the Monaco Grand Prix, the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Indianapolis 500. Only Graham Hill has won all three events.

With only the Indianapolis 500 remaining for Alonso, the 41-year-old driver says he is open to returning to the race, but would probably participate in other oval events in preparation. “Yes, the desire is there, but I think the commitment has to be really high and 100%,” she told Sky F1. “There is also a risk factor.”

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The need for preparation and commitment

When Alonso retired from Formula 1 to commit to the Indianapolis 500, he realized that small details can make a big difference in this type of racing, admitting that He is not as prepared as the others. “If I want to win the Indianapolis 500, I need several attempts and a maximum commitment, and race on several ovals before the Indianapolis 500,” said the Spanish driver.

However, Alonso has made it clear that once he retires from Formula 1, you may not want to make that level of commitment. “I think when I leave Formula 1 this time, I might not want that commitment,” he mused. The 2023 Indianapolis 500 will take place later this month, on May 28, at which point we will finally see if Fernando Alonso decides to participate.

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