Indian YouTuber Roish Kumar’s shocking revelations on the Pulwama attack

New Delhi: The drama of Pulwama has become a bone of neck of the Modi government. In Modi’s India, Modi alone is facing defeat. After the dangerous interview of the former governor of Occupied Kashmir, now Indian YouTuber Ravish Kumar’s comments on the Pulwama attack. The revelations have come out.

According to the details, Indian YouTuber Rosh Kumar has raised the question that why did Narendra Modi ask Satyapal to keep quiet on the Pulwama attack? Has the Modi government’s lies started to explode?

Former governor Satya Pal had said that if we had given the aircraft, the Pulwama attack would not have happened, but Modi forbade it. Indian politicians are not only raising questions on the Pulwama attack, but also blaming the Modi government. Indian politicians have already come out openly on the attack.

A few days ago, former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik also expressed concern over the Modi government. Satya Pal revealed that Modi used to stop him from talking about the attack. Forbid the discussion.

The entry of a vehicle loaded with 300 kg of explosives into the area was a security failure. The purpose of the Pulwama attack was to win Modi in the election. At the time of the incident, Narendra Modi was engaged in political activities. Create an action situation.

The dangerous interview of the former governor of Occupied Kashmir, the blame for the Pulwama attack on Pakistan has exploded.

The Indian media hid the truth from its people and showed Modi as a hero, but the Indian government has not been able to reveal the reason behind the Pulwama attack, after the Pulwama attack, those who spoke about it were even called traitors.

The Modi government is facing defeat at the global level day by day, but Modi is not in a happy mood, former Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah has further unraveled the Pulwama issue, he said that due to the Pulwama attack and the deaths of soldiers. Dar is Modi and Amit Shah. The former chief minister said that Modi and Amit Shah refused to give the plane. The result was the death of soldiers. Isn’t Modi becoming a threat to the region by blaming the neighboring countries for killing his own soldiers?

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