Indian rickshaw driver upset after winning 25 crores

A rickshaw driver who won a whopping Rs 25 crore prize in India got fed up with pleas for help.

Anup from the southern Indian state of Kerala won the state government’s prize lottery this month, but Anup recently recorded a video in which he pleaded with unknown people to help him and his family. Stop doing it.

Anup said that he had to change his residence to avoid people, it was better that he didn’t win the prize or he got the third prize.

After winning the 25 crore prize, Anoop and his family received national media attention and made headlines.

Anup bought the award ticket on September 17, a day after he was supposed to go to Malaysia for a job, but he got the good news before that.

Anoop added that he was overjoyed when he got to know about winning the award, his house was thronged with media and cameramen.

Anup said that now the situation has become very difficult for him, he cannot go anywhere, his son fell ill and he cannot take him to the doctor, people are coming to his house every morning and everyone is asking for help.

Anup and his family have now taken refuge with their relatives to protect themselves from the public, while the Kerala state government has announced that it will provide financial management training to Anup so that he can use his money better. .

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