Indian rats ate 600 kg of drugs


Charsi rats in India have eaten 600 kg of drugs seized by the police.

According to Indian media, this strange claim came out from the Indian police when the court ordered to present the seized drugs in the court in connection with a case. The police could not produce the hashish, but in the report submitted to the anti-narcotics court, it was stated that rats have eaten more than 600 kg of hashish kept in the warehouse.

After hearing this statement from the police, the judge ordered the police to produce evidence of the rats eating the marijuana. .

Earlier, Special Public Prosecutor Ranveer Singh said that the SHOs of Shergarh and Highway police stations claimed that 581 kg of hashish kept in the warehouse was destroyed by rats.

A similar incident had come to light earlier in Kotwali villages of Atah district police station in which it was claimed that rats had consumed liquor packed in 1400 cartons worth Rs 35 lakh. However, investigation revealed that SHO Indresh Pal Singh and clerk Risal Singh had sold liquor to a gangster named Bantuyadu after which a case was registered against the two officials.


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