Indian Railways biggest ever data hacking incident, information uploaded on dark web

New Delhi: In what has been the biggest data hacking incident ever of Indian Railways, the stolen information has been uploaded on the dark web.

According to Indian media, the data of about three crore registered passengers of the Indian Railways has been hacked, which has allegedly been put up for sale on the dark web.

Claimed by the hackers to be the biggest data hack of Indian Railways ever, the cybercriminals have uploaded the data for sale on one of their forums.

The hacked data includes users’ name, email, mobile number, gender, full address and their language preferences.

According to reports, the data belongs to customers who book tickets through the Indian Railways portal, the hacker also claimed to have data of government officials including official email IDs and their cell phone numbers.

Indian Railways has not issued any official statement on the matter till now, even in 2020 Indian Railways ticket buyer data was hacked.

Earlier, a hacker from China hacked the technical system of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi, took control of the entire server, and demanded Rs 200 crore worth of cryptocurrency. The server was taken back from the hacker.

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