Indian Preparations for Aggression on Chinese Border, US Came to India’s Aid

According to Indian military officials, modern American weapons have been provided to Indian troops stationed on the border with China.

Indian military officials say 1.5 million modern rifles were ordered after clashes in the Ladakh and Gulwan valleys.

According to Indian military officials, the range of the Sig Swire rifle is 500 meters and is effective at high altitudes, while the American Sig Swiss 716 rifle is very easy to use.

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It should be noted that Indian and Chinese troops have once again met face to face in the Gogra Heights area of ​​East Ladakh, this confrontation took place almost a week after the Corcommander talks between the parties on the Royal Line of Control.

It should be recalled that in October last year, China gained control of 1,000 square kilometers of the Royal Line of Control (LOC) in India, including 20 square kilometers in the Gulwan Valley, 65 square kilometers in Lake Pengong Tsu and 20 in Choshal. Covering an area of ​​one square kilometer, the situation arose after the death of Chinese soldiers at the hands of the Indian army.

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