Indian policy of selling Russian oil should be cracked down, European Foreign Minister

European Union Representative for Foreign Policy Joseph Borrell has said that the European Union should crack down on the Indian policy of converting Russian oil into refined petroleum products and selling it.

The chief diplomat of the European Union gave an interview to the Financial Times and said that if such diesel or petrol is coming to Europe from India, which is being produced with the help of Russian oil, then it is a violation of the sanctions imposed on Russia and the European Union. Member States have to take measures against it.

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, Western countries, especially Europe, have stopped buying oil from Russia, after which India has become the largest buyer of Russian oil. Due to the access to cheap crude oil from Russia, India has increased its exports of petroleum products from its petroleum refineries, due to which India has now become a major supplier of oil products to Europe.

Joseph Borrell said that if India buys oil from Russia, it is normal. If petroleum products are sold to us using this oil, then we have to take action on it. Joseph Borrell said that all countries have to adopt the method to stop the process of access of Russian oil to Europe.

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