Indian openers have dominated world cricket since 2019, statistics bear witness

Indian openers have dominated world cricket since 2019, statistics bear witness

In world cricket, the Indian team often stays in the lead in many matters. There are many great records in the name of the Indian team. In this, Team India’s opener has been on top since 2019. From then until now, Indian openers have scored more runs than any other team’s openers. During this mostly Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill and Shikhar Dhawan have featured in the Indian squad. Apart from this, on a few occasions different players have handled the opening, but mostly these players have appeared.

Indian openers have scored the most runs since 2019. From then until now, the India team has played a total of 68 innings. The starting batsmen have scored 3794 runs in these innings. Included in this are a total of 15 centuries. After this, the team from Australia is present at number two. Australian openers have scored 3168 runs in a total of 55 innings since then. A total of 13 centuries have been present in it.

After West Indies openers scored 2839 runs in 63 innings on 8 centuries, England openers scored 2422 runs in 47 innings with 11 centuries and Bangladesh openers scored 2016 runs in 48 innings on 5 centuries.

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Significantly, the star starter for the Indian team, Shubman Gill, made his debut for the Indian team in 2019. Since then, he has played all three formats for the team. In this, he has scored 736 runs in 25 innings from 13 Test matches at an average of 32. Other than this, he has scored 894 runs in 18 ODIs at an average of 59.6. At the same time, in a total of 3 T20 International matches, he has scored a total of 58 runs with an average of 19.33 and a strike rate of 131.82.


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