Home World Indian Hindu extremists attack school during Christmas

Indian Hindu extremists attack school during Christmas

BANGALORE: Hindu extremists in the Indian state of Karnataka have forcibly stopped a Christmas party at a school.

Indian media Reports According to reports, Christmas celebrations were going on in Mandia district of Karnataka on Thursday when activists of a Hindu extremist group stormed the school.

Hindu extremists threatened the school administration with dire consequences for holding a Christmas party and forcibly stopped the Christmas party.

According to the school administration, the Christmas celebration was organized by the students for their peers, who were also forced to close and the children were also tortured.

The principal said that we hold a Christmas party on the occasion of 25th December every year but for the last two years we did not have any program due to Karuna. This year at the insistence of the students we allowed a small party. , For which the students collected donations from each other and bought cakes.

The father of one of the students said that the attack was carried out by Hindu extremists on the pretext of not having a Hindu festival and celebrating Christmas, which made all the students very scared.


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