Indian forces repulsed by attackers in Occupied Kashmir, 5 soldiers killed

Rajouri: 5 Indian soldiers were killed and one injured in blasts in Rajouri area of ​​Occupied Kashmir. Internet service was suspended across the district after the deaths.

According to the details, the Indian forces were repulsed by the attackers in Rajouri area of ​​Occupied Kashmir.

A fierce battle took place between the Indian security forces and the attackers, but the attackers killed 5 Indian soldiers by using explosives.

The Indian Army’s operation was launched on May 3, after the casualties in the operation, the internet service has been suspended across the district.

On the other hand, Indian Modi media is trying to hide its obstinacy, blame and shameful retreat, Modi media has once again started blaming Pakistan for the Rajouri attacks.

However, the Indian people are calling these attacks as another drama of the Modi government because before the 20th meeting of the Modi government, the distorted face of the barbaric acts has come to light.

It is remembered that last month too, most of the soldiers were killed and injured in the attack on the Indian military truck.

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