Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh upset!

In the election rally of BJP leader and Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in Uttar Pradesh, the unemployed protested and disturbed the Defense Minister.

According to Indian media, the election frenzy in Uttar Pradesh is on the rise and the government and opposition parties are scrambling to win the election and traditionally the people are being promised to change their destiny but the ruling party Leaders are facing the wrath of the people.

The same thing happened yesterday when former chief minister and current defense minister Rajnath Singh, a key BJP leader, rallied in Gonda in connection with the elections. Kardi

The incident took place just as Defense Minister Rajnath was about to begin his speech.

The youths who arrived at Rajnath Singh’s rally were also angry with the Ministry of Defense and they were demanding that the army be started recruiting. Do it.

On this occasion, seeing the situation getting out of control, Rajnath Singh took care of the three youngsters and calmed them down.

Rajnath Singh told them not to worry, recruitment will start soon. “Your problem is also our problem. There have been some problems with the corona virus, but the recruitment process will start soon,” he said.

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