In the opening innings of the third game between India and South Africa in Cape Town, the Indian batters completely failed. The India team was able to score just 223 runs in the first innings. Now Indian bowlers also have a great responsibility. But the bigger question is, how can the team score big in the second inning? If this does not happen, India will lose a great opportunity to make history. Speaking of those four hitters, who will have the responsibility to hit better in the second inning. If the series is good, these hitters will have to perform well in any case.

1. India’s starter KL Rahul had scored a century in the opener, but after that not many runs came off his bat. In the second inning, there will be a great responsibility for Rahul, because a failure in the following innings will mean losing the series. Rahul has good potential and can perform well under pressure conditions.

2. Second starter Mayank Agarwal also couldn’t do anything special after the first game. In the next innings, he, along with Rahul, will have to give India a good start in any case, so that control of the match can be strengthened.

3. Cheteshwar Pujara looks in good rhythm from the last 2 innings. He scored 53 runs in the second inning of the last game, while contributing 43 runs in this game. Hopefully he’s back in form and will score big in the next few innings. Together with Virat Kohli, he did well in the last innings.

4. Indian Test captain Virat Kohli was unable to play in the last match due to back pain. In the first innings of this game, he contributed 79 runs in difficult conditions. It stayed at one end, but the windows kept falling from the other end. Kohli will have the biggest responsibility in the next innings, because if the team wins in this match, Kohli will be the first Indian captain to win a test series on South African soil.



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